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Home - NEUSCHNEE | We make snow.


Snowskate - a fresh sport on fresh snow

06.04.2018 - Winter is over

We had a great winter in Lüsens. Snow wherever as far as the eye can reach. The pilot project was a great success for us. With the new cloud we were able to gather important experience, test the snow production and collect important data for further development. The operation of the Neuschnee Arena was also new to us. Thanks to the snowy winter, we were able to really let off steam and give many visitors the opportunity to discover Snowskate as a sport. With this huge experience, next winter we be great! Whether it will be in Lüsens or elsewhere - we'll let you know in time.

Surfing fresh snow

03.02.2018 - Official Opening Pilot-Project Neuschnee Arena in Lüsens

Today is the day: We proudly announce the official opening of the first Neuschnee Arena in Lüsens, in the Sellrain-Valley (Tyrol). Neuschnee Arena is an innovative snow sports area for winter tourists of all ages. The arena evolves around our newly designed cloud. We want to demonstrate the unique quality of our snow with a hands-on snow application: Snowskate is the core application - a fresh sport youngsters and those young at heart. 

More Information at www.neuschnee-arena.at. Neuschnee Arena is open from Wednesday to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday is for School classes & groups only. Looking forward to see you there!

Weihnachtskarte Neuschnee Arena 2018

24.12.2017 - The cloud has landed

It's a huge Christmas present for us to see our new cloud in Lüsens. Very soon we will provide excellent snow to the area and most importantly, we will bring tons of joy and fun while playing with our fresh snow. More about our pilot project in Lüsens will soon be published at www.neuschnee-arena.at

Follow Neuschnee - follow your dreams

09.08.2017 - Follow your Dreams | Follow us on Facebook + Instagram

Of course it is difficult these days to picture the perfect powder. Even we take a short break and enjoy the summer with all its beauty. But it won't last long till we are back in business and our focus is again on the perfect snow. Regular updates of our activities are available via Facebook or Instagram. Please join us & happy Summer!


30.04.2017 - Winter is over in Obergurgl

This winter was just great. We made a lot of progress and lots of snow. At least in our cloud chamber :) The end of the winter in Obergurgl also defines the end of our first R&D period. We started with a small scale device and transformed it into a working outdoor snowmaking unit. We are thankful what happened during the last three winters in Obergurgl! Our special thanks goes to Unique-Skis, your personalized wooden ski. Great gear, great people. Thank you!

New exiting projects are waiting for us and we soon give you a more detailed update here.

18.12.2016 - Fresh snow is falling

We just finished the set-up of our cloud chamber in the ski resorts of Obergurgl-Hochgurgl and we have already completed our first long-lasting test run. Although ambient conditions were not perfect our cloud chamber did excellent work producing fine, crystalline snow. It was an important milestone in order to continue our journey and officially implementing our go-to-market strategy for winter season 2017/18.  

Press release: status quo snowmaking technology - Neuschnee GmbH (german only)

Reward Ceremony Staatspreis Patent 2016, Sofiensäle Vienna.

10.11.2016 - Patent of the year 2016

We are proud to announce our latest success: Patent of the year 2016! The award Staatspreis Patent honors our achievement from 2009, when we first filed our patent. Austrians federal minister Jörg Leichtfried and the Austrian Patent Office assign this price to entrepreneurs and inventors who significantly contribute to scientific and economic progress in Austria. And yes, it's us! 

We work hard to turn our achievement into a valuable product that allows to get high-quality snow back on the slopes very soon. This winter again we will work in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl and will finalize our R&D activities.

Inside the cloud chamber in Spring 2016

10.05.2016 - A thrilling winter season 2015/16

Our cloud chamber produces snow but in a totally different way than actual snow cannons. Pictures of our device were seen around the world. A short time-lapse movie now demonstrates the installation in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. And because we have never shown this before you can now have an exclusive insight into our cloud chamber and see how we do the snowmaking. 

Snow production (Youtube) | Installation (Youtube)

Geenstart 2016 - The final 10 amazing ideas © Andreas Scheiblecker für den Klima- und Energiefonds

09.03.2016 - NEUSCHNEE goes Greenstart

Greenstart is a start-up initiative of the climate and energy fund reaching out for green business ideas in Austria. We wanted so much to be part of this supportive program and are very happy to have cleared the first hurdle. From 20 selected project only 10 exciting ideas were chosen for the next round. In the next 6 months we will work with experts of Impact Hub Vienna to improve our business model and go for the final three places and the grant of EUR 15,000. Greenstart

Neuschneelabor 2 - Winter 2015/16

03.01.2016 - NEUSCHNEE Laboratory

The snow laboratory in Obergurgl now finally goes into service. Long enough we had to wait for low temperatures and the first days of the New Year are just perfect to make our own snow.

This year again we are receiving plenty of support from the ski-resort in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. Many thanks to them! Obergurgl.com

Ice crystals under the microscope

12.11.2015 - Winter season starts in Obergurgl

Since last summer we literally focus on how to produce the perfect snow crystals. This winter we are currently testing a larger device to collect more valuable data for further development. In corporation with the University of Innsbruck and the Vienna University of Technology we are taking a closer look to the produced snow.


Participants at the event Gründergeist.Niederösterreich

16.09.2015 - Entrepreneurial Spirit

Austria is a country full of creative minds – a fact that we already know for a long time. State Secretary Harald Mahrer sent out an invitation to meet in St.Pölten, where exciting start-ups and established companies were able to exchange their experiences. Of course, Neuschnee was there as well! RIZ Gründeragentur

Ice crystals under the microscope

07.04.2015 - The perfect ice nucleus

Snow and ice occur in sub-zero temperatures. The starting point for mostly any crystallization process in the atmosphere is a tiny ice nucleus. Since a long time researchers try to understand the formation of ice crystals in the atmosphere. And yet the nucleation is still puzzled. We want to help to find the perfect ice nucleus and join a consortium of Scientists from Vienna and Innsbruck. ESF Workshop

Screenshot from "Faszination Wissen"

20.02.2015 - Film clips about snow production

The science journalist Susanne Delonge from Bavarian Broadcasting Service accompanied our project and put everything into an interesting short film about snow production in the Alps. Youtube - BR

This great work has not been unnoticed for Swiss colleagues from SRF. They developed some additional aspects, including an exciting review of the requirements how ski resorts are using snow. Youtube - SRF

Cloud Experiment at CERN

18.12.2014 - NEUSCHNEE goes CERN

It's official since today: the ACCENT Gründer-Service has managed to organize a partnership with the CERN research centre. As part of a Business Incubation Centre (BIC), the NEUSCHNEE GmbH may benefit from the knowledge of CERN. We look forward to cooperating with CERN scientist in order to optimize our cloud chamber. You can find the current press release here.


Group avatar RiZ GENIUS 2014
v.l. Mario Unterwainig, Christian Schandor, Michael Bacher

11.12.2014 - Winner of the category Technology at RiZ GENIUS

We are proud to report that our idea of natural snow production reached first place at the RiZ GENIUS Award 2014. The RiZ GENIUS examines and awards innovative ideas with the chance to be realized in the near future. We are very happy about this price and continue to make snow!

Open-air laboratory in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

27.11.2014 - Opening of the winter season & Waiting for sub-zero conditions

The opening of our first out-door snowmaker laboratory is over. Now we have to wait for low temperatures, so that we can finally start the production process. Throughout the entire winter an exhibition on innovative ideas regarding snowmaking in future is open to public at the Obergurgl University Centre. The location is just a 2min walk from the valley station of the Hohe Mut Bahn. What other people say about NEUSCHNEE you can read here.

Open-air laboratory in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

12.11.2014 - Opening open-air laboratory in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

We are on the doorstep to November 13, 2014, when we finally open the first open-air laboratory for resource-efficient snow production. The name says it all: the whole winter, we can develop, test and produce a lot of snow. Snow in high quality - of course! The open-air laboratory was organized in collaboration (led by W.Klasz) with the Institute of Design | Unit Koge, the University of Innsbruck.

Map of Metgis

06.11.2014 - NEW: Mountain weather forecasts for the open-air laboratory in Obergurgl

Our partner MetGIS GmbH (www.metgis.com), a spin-off of the University of Vienna produces highly detailed mountain weather forecasts on a world-wide scale. For the location of open-air laboratory MetGIS provides the weather forecast for the Oetztal Alps, until mid-December for all interested parties freely available (including Obergurgl.):



Model open-air laboratory Obergurgl
1:10 model | Open-air laboratory Obergurgl (draft University of Innsbruck, Unit Koge - Architect W.Klasz)

27.10.2014 - Announcement: NEUSCHNEE-Symposium | Obergurgl, on 13 November 2014

New solutions are required – artificial snow production should be more efficient and cost-saving. And this not only regards the technology but also to the IT sector as well, where measured data must be optimally processed. The Standortagentur Tyrol is inviting us. NEUSCHNEE will be there.

[Update 31.10.2014] A Sign up for snow Symposium is open until 7 November 2014th Details can be found here: Standortagentur Tirol

CEO Michael Bacher explains the NEUSCHNEE-Technology
NEUSCHNEE CEO Michael Bacher explains the snow production inside the artificial cloud. Photo: pro.media

02.10.2014 - Tourism Meets Industry | Seefeld/Buchen

NEUSCHNEE takes part at this year's international trade forum TMI – Tourism meets Industry is presenting Details of natural snow production together with Prof. Loerting (Univ. of Innsbruck).

Tourism meets Industry stands for innovative solutions of the industries that meet the specific needs of tourism. NEUSCHNEE presented the idea of natural snow production, referring to both the historical development in the Alps as well as to challenges ahead, for example the expected climate change for the Austrian Alpine regions.

During this session NEUSCHNEE was supported by Thomas Loerting of the University of Innsbruck. Thomas Loerting gave a fascinating insight view into the formation of ice crystals in the atmosphere. But not only that: issues such as ice on neighbouring planets or comets were discussed.

Next Event: Opening of the open-air laboratories in Obergurgl on 13 November 2014th

The open-air laboratory is an installation that is realized in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck, the Institute of Design | Unit Koge. It serves as a working tool for the winter 2014/15 and is in Obergurgl / Ötztal. Our goal: to realize the NEUSCHNEE technology for ski resorts.

Tourism meets Industry + Summary on Vimeo